Otomí Equestrian Center

Our main purpose is to provide a joyful and professional ambience for the equestrian community within a modern facility surrounded by a beautiful landscape.

We are a civil association named Club Hípico Otomí.

Our membership includes riders and horses from all levels, from beginners to champions. Children, young people and adults who like to compete or just enjoy the ride. We love horses, equestrian sports and everything that comes within. Our membership represents in México and abroad. We are located in the stunning facilities of Otomí Centro Hípico in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato.

Our principal activity is to promote equestrian sports and the proper care of horses.

We provide a variety of events, such as: clinics to educate and improve skills, contests to showcase talent and feel the excitement of the competition, conferences and social gatherings to build a community. We are endorsed by the Mexican Equestrian Federation, which give us the ability to receive local, regional, national and international events.

The ClubHípico Otomí’s activities are non-profitable.

To be a member of Club Hípico Otomí means that you are a person dedicated to equestrian sports and the proper care of horses, it also means that you have access to one of the best facilities in Mexico. For those who want to compete means to carry the name of a renowned equestrian club in North America.

Our membership fees are reasonable and include this benefits:

-Connection with the FEM and FEI, application process
-Discounts/enrolment to clinics and events
-Member’s gatherings
-Free access to the facilities (previous appointment needed)

    Do you need a place for your equestrian event?

    Club Hípico Otomí offers you the facilities as well as the coordination for your event.

    Call us to ask for our prices.

Club Hípico Otomí is proud to inform that we have stables available for full-time pension (limited capacity). You can enjoy our beautiful facilities and receive high quality care for your horses all year long.

Otomí pension includes:

-24 hr surveillance
-Feeding five times a day (grass/oat/alfalfa)
-Stable with sawdust bedding
-Stables protected from the sun
-Professional caretakers
-Access to 4 different sand tracks
-Miles of trails alongside the Allende dam.
-Parasite prevention (4 times a year)
-Coggins test twice a year (April and October)
-Flu- shot once a year (November)
-First Aid
-Shampoo and conditioning
-Rope exercises twice a week
-Rider/horse training coordination
Cost: $7,750.00 monthly pay

Precio:  $7750/mes *Our caretakers are well paid, tips are not necessary except for the Christmas holidays

  • Km 2 Camino a San Miguel el Viejo C.P. 37700 San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato
  • contacto@otomi.mx
  • (415) 688.0012