Otomi Equestrian Club is a Civil association. Our passion is to promote equestrian sports and good horse care.
We have memberships for all types of riders, from professionals to amateurs or for those who only like to ride horses.

You will have access to clinics to educate and improve skills, contests to show talent and feel the excitement of competition, conferences and social gatherings to build community. We are endorsed by the Mexican Equestrian Federation. We receive and organize national and international events.

“Otomi Grand Prix” is performed 6 times per year, this being best equestrian tournament in Mexico and one of the top 25 in North America: United States, Canada. It’s a true international quality show of equestrian jumping with more than 600 national and international riders.



Being a member of Otomi equestrian Club means that you are a person dedicated to equestrian sports and good care of horses. You have access to the most beautiful facilities in Mexico.

For those who want to compete means that they carry with them the name of a renowned equestrian centre in North America, FEM, NARG and FEI.

Our fees of membership include the following benefits:

  • Link to the FEM and FEI, updating the paperwork.
  • Discounts-registration to clinics and events.
  • Social gatherings for members.
  • Use of equestrian facilities outside events (sand courts), appointment necessary.

Acquiring a membership is not mandatory to invest in a property.

It is not necessary for you own horses and the cost of membership it is not included in your residential maintenance fee.

Otomí Ecuestrian Residential is waiting for you

Perfection can be achieved, own one of our villas and enjoy peace, relaxation and fun whenever you want.