Last October 04 to 07 of this year, the second week of Otomi Grand Prix competitions took place at Otomí Ecuestrian Residential in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato.

This is the number 27, and the last of the year 2018. Once again, the businessmen Daniel Rihan Salum, Eduardo Leon Escalante and Amr Tamer (Reinvest), together with the sponsors achieved the Otomi Grand Prize to reach their third star by The first time, the awards are greater.

On this occasion there were 41 competitions in which participated: children, Olympic athletes and professionals.
4 Important competences and these were the results:

Winners CSI 3* UNIFIN 1.45
1st Antonio Maurer Ríos (Mexico)
2nd Daniel Rihan Goyeneche (Mexico)
3rd Rodrigo Lambre Della Croce (Brazil)

Winners CSI 3* 1.40
1st Antonio Maurer Ríos (Mexico)
2nd John Pérez Bohm (Colombia)
3rd Salvador Oñate Barrón (Mexico)

Winners Otomi Grand Prix CSI 3* BanBajio
1st Francisco Javier Pasquel Quintana (Mexico)
2nd Alfonso Gutiérrez Días (Mexico)
3rd Rodrigo Lambre Della Croce (Brasil)

Winners CSI 3* Clásico BUPA
1st Rodrigo Lambre Della Croce (Brasil)
2nd Gerardo Pasquel Méndez (Mexico)
3rd Nicolás Alejandro Pizarro Suarez (Mexico)

We are waiting for you next year to enjoy together the excellent equestrian lifestyle in Mexico.