Last September 27 to 30 of this year, the first week of Otomi Grand Prix competitions took place at Otomí Ecuestrian Residential in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato.

This event is number 26. Businessmen Daniel Rihan Salum, Eduardo León Escalante and Tamer Amr (Reinvest) have managed to position Mexico on the world stage of equestrian jumping events. Otomi Grand Prix is one of the best events in the country and the 10 most outstanding in North America.

On this occasion there were 41 competitions in which participated: children, Olympic athletes and professionals.

3 Important competences and these were the results:

CSI 2* 1.45 VISA Award
1st Rodrigo Lambre Della Croce (Brasil) – (Chapilot)
2.- 2nd Javier Fernandez Gonzalez (Mexico) – (End Good All Good)
3rd Sofía Larrea Burillo (Mexico) – (Gigolo)

CSI 2* 1.45 GERIZIM Award
1st Jose Maria Quintana Melgoza (Mexico) – (Catoki Boy)
2nd Jaime Azcarraga Romandia (Mexico) – (Verdinale)
3rd Jaime Azcarraga Romandia (Mexico) – (Chacol)

CSI 2* Grand Prix BUPA
1st Gonzalo Azcarraga Rivera Torres (México) – (Quite Nice 5)
2nd Rodrigo Lambre Della Croce (Brazil) – (Chapilot)
3rd Jaime Azcárraga Romandia (México) – (Eye Catcher JB)

The Governor of the state of Guanajuato Diego Sinhué Rodríguez Vallejo accompanies us in the event and award.

A weekend of friends, competitors and lovers of the equestrian lifestyle.

We wait for you in the following week from October 4th to 7th of this year where Otomí Grand Prix in Otomí Equestrian Residential obtains its third star achieving CSI 3 * competitions for the first time.